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Post-Records & Friends present: Ole! (POST011)

A compilation of mostly Florida bands from 2006...the album features songs from The Punching Contest, Derek Lyn Plastic, Dodger, Yip-Yip, Summerbirds in the Cellar, Pardon My Carbon, Mumpsy, The Band of the Name, Watch Me Disappear,Kingsbury, Sean Moore, The Heathens, Danny Feedback, Dirt McCoy & The Trailer Park Refugees, Tres Bien, Jason Choi, The Ocean Floor, The Swirling Bees, The Bad Spellers, Bob on Blonde, The Wynn Brothers and many others.

Holy shit, ese...that there's a whole crapload of good bands! Yeah, Ole!

23 tracks and 73 minutes of music, cover art by Matt Kamm

format: CD

Price: $5.00

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