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This is Maximino, he will be playing the Tiny Waves/Post-Records stage at Orange You Glad Fest this weekend — Saturday night @ The Peacock Room.  Enjoy the song Quitters.

The Bad Spellers have been Post-Records forever!  They were the first band we ever released and they’re planning a new release soon!

Check out the song Just a Bunch’a Fiddleheads and visit their website for internet fun.

Come visit the Tiny Waves/Post-Records stage when Orange You Glad Music Fest takes over Orlando next weekend – March 10 @ Peacock Room.  Lots of bands including Maximino, Hear Hums, Alias Punch, Euglossine, Dark Sixties, Attached Hands, Quilt, and Levek.  Visit the Orange You Glad website for ticket info and other details!

Yip-Yip is sharing their latest album Bone Up on Bandcamp.  If you haven’t already…go check it out and see why Mark Mothersbaugh likes these dudes so much.

So imagine you’re in a Moon Bounce Mansion on The Moon with all the best friends you’ve ever had (even the one in elementary school that would eat your chapstick and spend the whole reading period stashing boogers under his desk) and everyone holds hands and starts jumping together at the same time, going higher and higher, and a great Warm Light starts flooding every room of The Mansion and everyone around you starts laughing wildly, without abandon. Suddenly, we’re no longer jumping but flying and The Light breaks into song and the song splinters into a bright white cloud. Forever.

Well Total Bummer 3D is gonna be better than that.



Stay Tuned for more details…

Contact: TotalBummerFL(at)

The Pauses play tonight @ Peacock Room with Sleepy Eye Giant and Company.  Come out and be their 4th member for one night only.

Happy V-Day.

We’ve already told you about Wakey Time Sleepy Time — the upcoming Post-Records release by Darin Hughes.  Darin told us to share a song so here’s one titled One Day.  Have fun!


Tomorrow is February 14 — Will’s Pub is getting turned into a high school gymnasium and will be hosting the best Valentine’s Day Dance this side of 1969. It will be a whole night of 50-60′s covers brought to you by the Togas and King Grincewicz & His Grincewicztones. Now’s your chance to take Kathy dancing. Now’s your chance to take Betty to the prom.

The Togas is Ty Segall, Philip Sambol of the Strange Boys, Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams and Lance Wille of the Reigning Sound. Tickets are $6 today / $8 tomorrow at the door.

Room Full of Strangers kicks off their tour with a party this Friday @ Will’s Pub with Yogurt Smoothness and Horse.  Come out and have fun.  More details here.